• ATTIRE   Dancewear requirements for each class are detailed in the class description.
  • SHOES   Shoe requirements for each class are detailed in the class description. Dance shoes should be purchased at Bobby's Dancewear at 13459 West Center Road.
  • HAIR   All hair needs to be secured away from the face and neck in a pony tail, braid, or bun for every class. Hair for performances will be discussed during Parent's Week in the Spring.
  • JEWELRY  No jewelry is allowed for any performances. Small stud earrings are allowed in class, at the dancer's discretion. All other jewelry needs to be removed before class begins.

*Dancers who fail to adhere to dress code policies will receive a warning. If it happens again, the student will be dressed in appropriate dance clothes from our dancewear rack and parents will be billed for the cost.


Dance is a team sport which makes attendance for all dance classes very important. We understand things happen, so in case of an absence, please notify the studio as soon as possible by emailing or texting 402-960-8309. In the second half of the year, when we are preparing for the recital, attendance is mandatory. If you dancer misses more than one class in a month, your teacher will require private lessons at $20 per half hour until he/she is caught up.


Our school year classes are a 30 class commitment including the recital in May, and you will be billed for the full year. If your dancer is unable to continue with classes at any point, please notify us immediately. We do not offer refunds for pre-paid classes including costume fees. You will be responsible for paying tuition until we receive written notification. Registration fees are refundable for the first 5 days after purchase. If you choose to withdraw after the 5-day grace period, you will forfeit your registration fee. If a student withdraws after costumes have been ordered, you will be billed $7 per month per recital dance to cover costs. 


Other than our scheduled class breaks, only bad weather will keep us from holding class. In case of bad weather, check the local news for OPS cancellations. If OPS cancels activities for the day, or evening activities are cancelled, we will also close the studio. We will do our best to update our facebook page as soon as it has been announced. Please check first for cancellations, and if there are questions call the cell phone at 402-960-8309.


We will hold class every day except our scheduled breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring which can be found on the dates page. All other holidays (including Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, etc) will not be observed so each class will receive their full 30 lessons. Aside from our scheduled holidays, the only days we will not hold class will be in case of bad weather, according to our Winter Weather Policy above.


The lobby is not monitored by SDA staff. Students can wait in the lobby or in your car until the class door is opened by the teacher. If you are going to be late picking up your dancer after class, please call/text the studio at 402-960-8309 to let us know so we can keep your dancer inside the studio until you can pick him/her up.


Students who register for class after classes start in September will be charged a late fee equal to $7 per month per recital dance to cover missed recital and costume fees that are otherwise built into tuition.