Recital Information 2019


Parents Week:  APril 1 - 4

This mandatory parents week is our opportunity to discuss all of the picture day and rehearsal/recital details during class. We ask that one adult accompany students to class this week. If possible, please leave siblings at home - we will be discussing important dates and details and would appreciate your full attention, and space in the studios is very limited.

Please print and bring with you all of the "information sheets" below, and read through the notes at the bottom of this page before your dancer's class


Picture Week:  April 15 - 19 at Johnston Portrait Studio

We love partnering with Johnston Portrait Studio to give your dancers memories of this year’s recital in a real photo studio! Joseph G Johnston Portrait Studio is just down the street from us at 12100 W Center Rd #102, Omaha, NE 68144, in the Nobbie's plaza.

Please arrive in full hair and makeup 15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow time for checking in and last minute touch ups. We run on a tight schedule this week and unfortunately we can not wait for students who are not ready on time.  

For combo classes, unless otherwise specified, ballet will be first.

Picture Order Forms will be made available below. Please print ONE PER COSTUME and have it filled out to the best of your knowledge before you arrive to keep the day running smoothly. We cannot take a picture of your dancer without a completed order form. 

Our of respect for our photographer and our schedule, and to give us the best possible photo, we ask that parents please wait in the dressing room or in the lobby while photos are being taken. For the younger classes especially, we know how hard it is to get a dozen pairs of little eyes looking at the camera, and having parents and siblings in the room can be a distraction. 


Full Costume Dress Rehearsals:  Saturday 5/11

Westside High School. Rehearsal "A", Saturday 5/11 8:30-11:30am.  Rehearsal "B", Saturday 5/11 1:00-3:30pm.

All students should arrive by 4:30pm on Friday and/or 8:00am on Saturday. We ask that students are prepared 30 minutes ahead of time so they can get familiar with the dressing room space, StageMoms can settle in with their classes, and students can practice lining up for finale (with that many bodies backstage, lining up for finale takes time and practice - the more of that we have at rehearsal, the smoother our recitals will run!).

When you enter through the main entrance, you will check in at the table in the lobby and will be directed toward your dancer's dressing room. When you arrive at your dressing room, please drop students and all of their belongings off backstage with the StageMoms quickly, and return to the auditorium to watch, or head home. Students will be released after they've rehearsed their last dance (please refer to the rehearsal schedules below). Please note that we try to remain on schedule, but may run early if things are going smoothly so plan to return to the high school 30 minutes early just in case. 

These are long days and some dancers will have a lot of time between their dances to wait in the dressing room. Please send plenty of "costume friendly" snacks and activities with your child. When packing snacks for your child for this weekend, please remember nothing chocolate, cheese-coated, sticky, or full of food coloring!  

If you haven't already done so, please label all costume pieces, tights, shoes, and activities you will be bringing backstage.


RecitalS: Saturday May 11 and SUNDAY May 12 at Westside high school

Recital "A" Saturday 5/11 5pm  |  Recital "B" Sunday 5/12 at 11am. 

Students will report to their StageMoms by 4:30pm and/or 10:30am in full hair and make up. Just like at rehearsal, parents are to drop students off with their StageMom and return to the lobby. All students will remain backstage until after the finale, where parents may pick them up from their dressing room. 

Parents and visitors are NOT allowed backstage during intermission as students are making quick changes before their next routines. 

Recital #1 - Doors will open by 4:45pm. The show will start promptly at 5:00pm. We anticipate the show wrapping up around 7:00pm. 

Recital #2 - Doors will open by 10:45am. The show will start promptly at 11:00am. We anticipate the show wrapping up around 1:00pm.

The auditorium will be cleaned out between shows, so please do not attempt to save seats between rehearsal and recital. Items left on chairs will be removed and placed in our lost and found. 


You are responsible for the information provided in these pages for all applicable classes. 

  1. Recital A/B Class Assignments

  2. Picture Week Schedule

  3. Rehearsal A Schedule

  4. Rehearsal B Schedule

  5. How to Dress : Me and My Buddy

  6. How to Dress : Me and My Bear

  7. How to Dress : Kindergarten

  8. How to Dress : Level 1 - Teen

  9. How to Dress : Star Squad

  10. How to Dress : Acro

  11. How to Dress : Hip Hop

  12. How to Dress : Pom

  13. How to Dress : Musical Theater

  14. How to Dress : Honors/ Junior/ Senior Lines

  15. Picture Day Order Form

  16. Recital DVD Online Ordering

Makeup Requirements and Colors:

GROUP 1 : Me and My Buddy:

  • Stage lights are harsh and will wash out your dancer’s features. We ask that you add blush, mascara, and a pink lipstick to help them shine on stage!

GROUP 2 : Me and My Bear, Kindergarten, Acro 1:

  • Eyeshadow in neutral colors (please stick to gold/beige/grey)

  • Lipstick (in Berry, Berry Nice)

  • Mascara in Black

  • Pink Blush

GROUP 3: Level 1, Acro 2, Pom 1, Hip Hop 1 and Above:

  • All of the above, plus:

  • Eyeliner in Black

  • Foundation to match your skin tone

  • If your dancer has blonde hair or light eyebrows, we suggest using eyebrow makeup one shade darker than her natural brows


Our male dancers may choose to wear foundation, bronzer underneath the cheekbones, and eyeliner to help features pop on stage - w

Other Important Notes:


  • Correct hair, makeup, tights, shoes, and costumes are required for all three events

  • Jewelry and nail polish must be removed.

  • Underwear is not allowed under costumes. 

  • Please write your dancer's name in every item he/she brings. 


  • As soon as you receive your costumes please try them on and then hang them up to reduce wrinkles.

  • Tutus and skirts will likely need to be steamed. You may be able to hang the costume in the bathroom with a hot shower running to get the wrinkles out - other costumes may have fabric in need of a steamer or the steam setting on your iron. Just be careful with the heat settings and do a test patch on the underside before steaming top layers, just to be safe!

  • When your student tries on his/her costume, please remember that costumes come in standard "Small, Medium, or Large" sizing, so minor alterations may need to be made for these to fit perfectly. Typically these issues can be fixed by tightening or adding length to the strap or by taking in the width of the garment by sewing a straight line with the garment inside out. Even if you don’t sew, a needle and thread can fix these little things quickly and easily! If you don't feel comfortable making these alterations we suggest you take them to Creative Alterations in Rockbrook or any other tailor or handy aunt or neighbor you feel comfortable using.  If you’re unsure of how the costume should fit or would like suggestions for alterations, please email us a picture of your dancer in the costume to

  • Items should be carried to and from these events in a garment bag (a trash bag works in a pinch!). Please do not cram costumes into a small bag or wear them in the car to help prevent wrinkles and stains. The garment bag (as well as every item inside) should be labeled with your dancer’s name.


  • When you arrive to Westside, please check in at the table in the lobby and follow the directions to your dancers dressing room. Especially for little ones, this is a great time to run to the restroom one last time before dropping students off with their StageMoms.

  • All classes will have at least one designated “StageMom”. When dropping off your dancers please find your StageMom and return to auditorium. NO Parents are allowed backstage unless specifically instructed by a faculty member. StageMoms will be in charge of hair and makeup touch-ups, as well as any costume changes that are required backstage. 

  • In addition to the garment bag holding dancer’s costumes, we suggest each dancer brings the rest of their belongings in a laundry basket or large bin with their name on it. This laundry basket should hold all the other belongings that don’t fit on hangers in the costume bag : dance shoes, tights, costume accessories and grooming items. Having these items in an open bin instead of in a small dance bag helps tremendously during quick changes, and provides each dancer with a “home base” to keep their belongings which allows even little ones to be more self-sufficient backstage.

  • Be sure your dancer has drinks and snacks (no chocolate, orange cheese products, or drinks other than water and please no peanuts or peanut products).  Books, games, or other activities will certainly help during long waiting periods. You may not take your dancer from Westside in between his/her dances.

  • Parents and visitors are NOT allowed backstage during intermission at recital as students are making quick changes before their next routines. 

  • Cameras and video cameras are not allowed during recital, but are encouraged during rehearsal. We ask that if you take pictures during rehearsal, please share them with us by emailing or tagging us on InstagramFacebook or YouTube!


  • Each family will receive 2 complimentary tickets for each show they have a dancer in. Students who are only performing in one show are able to receive a complimentary ticket to the other performance to cheer on their friends and siblings from the audience. Additional tickets can be purchased at the studio for $8 each. Tickets purchased at the door (if they are available) will be $10 each. 

  • Students and StageMoms will not need tickets, as they will be backstage. StageMoms and other volunteers will receive 2 additional complimentary tickets as a token of our appreciation. 

  • Tickets will go on sale in the studio at the end of April for $8/ticket while supplies last. 

  • If tickets are available at the door, they can be purchased for $10/ticket. 


  • We ask that each family help our show run smoothly by volunteering for one of the following posts. Please sign up at the front desk! 

    • StageMoms for Rehearsal/Recital A or Rehearsal/Recital B.  We need at least one StageMom per class. 

    • Ticket takers for Recital A and B. Volunteers should be available for 30 minutes before the show and for the first 10 minutes of the show. 

    • Ticket sales for Recital A and B. Volunteers should be available for 60 minutes before each show and will close 10 minutes before the show starts.

    • Flower sales for Recital A and B. Volunteers should be available for 60 minutes before each show and will close 10 minutes before the show starts. 

    • Tear down at Westside after recital B. We ask that volunteers be available for 30 minutes as soon as Recital B wraps to load scenery and dressing room supplies.