What is the dress code for class?

The dress code for each class is outlined in the class description. In general, leotards are required for ballet combo classes with tights/ballet skirt/dance shorts. Any fitted dancewear (including leotards, dance shorts, leggings, fitted tanks, and two-piece outfits) may be worn for add-on classes like pom, hip hop, acro, and musical theater. 

Where do I buy dancewear and shoes?

Shoes should be purchased at Bobby's Dancewear. Bobby's also carries a wide selection of dancewear items, or you can shop online at DiscountDance.com (just remember to use the teacher code "TP28152" at checkout!). 

Why are there "late fees" if I sign up after classes start in September?

In an effort to make dance affordable, we bundle up all of our fees and spread them out evenly over 8 payments. This includes fees for recital costumes. If a student joins us after the first month's tuition is due, we have to recoup those fees. We conservatively figure $7 per month per recital costume. 

Why can't I sit and watch my dancer during class?

We understand that many activities allow parents to observe each week, but we have a non-observation policy for a couple of reasons. First, we know that dancing in front of strangers can be intimidating and we never want our students to feel uncomfortable in class. Second, especially for our younger students, it's important that they know who the authority figure is in the classroom. With mom or dad in the room, little ones often look directly to them for guidance instead of their teacher. Lastly, dance is a sport that takes time to master. You may not see improvement from week to week, but you will notice the change if you see them in the Fall and then again in the Spring during our designated Parents Weeks.

Why is there a Fall Fundraiser? Do I have to participate?

Because we keep our costs to an absolute minimum to make dance more widely affordable, we do not charge a recital fee. However, putting on our end of the year production costs us thousands of dollars. We ask families to participate in a fundraiser to help us maintain our high recital standards without having to charge extra. The fundraiser is the only way we are able to keep putting on our production, and we appreciate every single participant!

Does my dancer have to participate in the recital?

All of our students participate in our spring recital. It's a fun way to wrap up the year, and showcase the hard work we've put in all year! 

Why are there 2 recitals? 

Our main goal is for all of our dancers to have their time to shine on stage- they've worked hard for months and deserve their moment! Because of the number of dances we have to showcase, our recital (if we were to have only one) would run nearly 4 hours long! To make the show time more manageable, we've split up our show into two performances. Depending on the classes you've selected for your dancer, he/she may be in one or both shows. Either way, the amount of time spent for Saturday's rehearsals and Sunday's recitals total less time than just one soccer tournament for one child - and for those of you with multiples, we know there's never just one! We appreciate you spending your weekend with us celebrating the amazing accomplishments all of our dancers have achieved during our dance year!

Why don't you accept cash or checks for payments?

We try and make paying for dance classes as simple as we can, but understand that may mean something different to each family. Our online payment system through QuickBooks/Intuit is incredibly safe and secure, and gives you 100% of the control over when payments come out. Once you set up your account, you can set up automatic payments and not have to think about it for the rest of the year, OR you can go in every month to make your payment and watch your balance due shrink to zero. 

With cash and check payments, there is the element of human error within the studio that we aim to avoid and it's much harder to provide receipts for each transaction. Our online system provides both parties an immediate receipt showing the total amount paid on that day so there is no discrepancy.