Pointe | Intro to Pointe


Pointe | Intro to Pointe


Students in this 30 minute class practice pre-pointe technique and exercises to prepare their bodies to dance on pointe.

At this level students have mastered basic ballet steps and are interested in dancing on pointe. Exercises at the barre and in the center are used to build muscles in the feet, ankles, legs and core enough to support dancing in pointe shoes. Students will progress at their own pace during this class, and assessments will be given periodically.

As soon as a student passes the exam, she will be allowed to start dancing this class in her pointe shoes. We take dancing on pointe very seriously, and will not put students in pointe shoes until we are confident they are ready, but our goal is to have every student in the class in their shoes by the end of the season.

There is no recital dance at the intro to pointe level. 

Students must be in the Level 4, Teen, Honors Line or Junior Line ballet class to take into to pointe. 

The price for this class is varies with the number of classes taken. Please refer to our tuition page for details.

*Students in this class are 11+ years old and must be registered for a ballet class at SDA.

*Dress code: Leotards are required for this class, along with tights and/or dance shorts. Undergarments should not be worn under dancewear. Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail, braid or bun.

*Please do not purchase pointe shoes unless given permission from the instructor. As soon as your student passes her exam and is cleared for pointe shoes, please schedule a pointe shoe appointment at Bobby’s Dancewear. Once shoes are purchased, please bring them to class for teacher approval and pinning of ribbons and elastic.

Adding a class online will reserve a spot in your selected day/time for $5/class. This $5 acts as your registration fee. 

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