Musical Theater | Level 1 | 10-12

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Musical Theater | Level 1 | 10-12


Students in this 30 minute class practice musical theater jazz - a style of jazz dancing that incorporates acting. This style is all about giving a performance. During class students practice typical jazz steps and tricks across the floor, but with a theater twist, potentially including lip-syncing and facials. In their recital dance students take on a character and tell a story. Though this class is based around jazz movement, and therefore is ballet-based in technique, students love that they get to loosen up a little and take on a new persona. Though it’s not required, we suggest that students that take musical theater also take a ballet combo class. 

This class is $55 per month for 8 months. This price includes weekly rehearsals from September-May and one recital costume. Discounts are given to students who take more than one class per week. Details can be found on our tuition page

*Students in this class are 10-12 years old.

*Dress code: Half of your body must be in traditional dancewear. Undergarments should not be worn under dancewear. Two-piece outfits are allowed. Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail, braid or bun. 

*Black slip-on jazz shoes are required for this class. Shoes should be purchased at Bobby’s Dancewear. 

*5-12 students per class.

Adding a class online will reserve a spot in your selected day/time for $15/class.  

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