Advanced | Junior Tap


Advanced | Junior Tap


Students in this 30 minute class practice advanced tap technique.

At this level students have mastered basic tap sounds. We build on this technique and focus on speed to create more complicated rhythms and combinations.

Students must audition to be a part of this class. Please speak to an instructor to inquire about an audition.

The price for this class varies based on the number of classes taken. Please refer to our tuition page for details. 

*Students in this class are 12-16 years old. 

*Dress code: Half of your body must be in traditional dancewear for this class (i.e. a tank top and dance shorts). Undergarments should not be worn under dancewear. Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail, braid or bun. 

*Black lace up tap shoes are required for this class. Shoes should be purchased at Bobby’s Dancewear.

Adding a class online will reserve a spot in your selected day/time for $5/class. This $5 acts as your registration fee. 

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