Advanced | Honors Line Ballet, Tap and Jazz


Advanced | Honors Line Ballet, Tap and Jazz


Students in this 30 minute class practice advanced ballet technique.

At this level students have mastered basic ballet, tap and jazz steps and we focus on developing strong technique and performance.

Students must audition to be a part of this class. Please speak to an instructor to inquire about an audition.

The price for all three primary classes at the Honors Line Level is $110/month for 8 months which includes 30 minutes each in ballet, tap and jazz and all three recital costumes.

*Students in this class are 10-13 years old. 

*Dress code: Leotards are required for this class. Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail, braid or bun.

*Ballet, tap and tan jazz shoes should be purchased at Bobby’s Dancewear.

Adding a class online will reserve a spot in your selected day/time for $15/class.  


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