Hip Hop | Level 3 | 13-15


Hip Hop | Level 3 | 13-15


Students in this 30 minute class practice hip hop dance. Hip Hop allows students to groove to the music and take on a character. There are many styles of hip hop dance, and we explore new movements throughout the course of this class. Though it’s not required, we suggest that students that take hip hop also take a ballet combo class.

This class is $55 per month for 8 months. This price includes weekly rehearsals from September-May and one recital costume. Discounts are given to students who take more than one class per week. Details can be found on our tuition page

*Students in this class are 13-15 years old.

*Dress code: Half of your body must be in traditional dancewear (i.e. a tank top and dance shorts, or a leotard and leggings). Two-piece outfits are ok for this class. Undergarments should not be worn under dancewear. Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail, braid or bun. 

*Bare feet or tennis shoes can be worn for this class. Required shoes will be decided upon by December 1, based on the recital costume. Shoe selection will be emailed by December 1 and must be in hand by March 1. 

*5-14 students per class.

Adding a class online will reserve a spot in your selected day/time for $15/class.

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